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Store Locator & Map
Par Zendapps
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Store Locator & Map

Par Zendapps
Quickly add map & store locator to your website
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  • Description de Store Locator & Map

        Display an interactive map that shows the store locations and provides a visual representation of their proximity to the user's location.
        Empower users with the ability to filter and arrange store locations according to various criteria, such as store type, operating hours, amenities, or available products.
        Incorporate a user-friendly location panel that enables effortless selection of different locations.
        Globally supported, seamlessly integrated with Mapbox Maps.
    Introducing our Store Locator app, the ultimate solution for quickly and easily finding nearby stores. Whether you're exploring a new city or searching for a specific store in your area, our app equips you with the tools to locate the closest stores and obtain directions to them. Comprehensive Store Information: Each store listed in the app provides you with detailed information, including the address, contact details, opening hours, and website URL. This wealth of information empowers you to make informed decisions about which stores to visit and ensures that you have all the necessary details right at your fingertips. Customizable Locations: Easily add, edit, and remove store details in a quick and efficient manner. Our app allows you to effortlessly manage your store location information, giving you full control over the accuracy of the data. Personalized Design: Tailor the appearance of your store locations to match your preferences seamlessly. Customize map styling, background and text colors, zoom level, and text format to seamlessly integrate with your site. This way, you can maintain a consistent and personalized branding experience for your visitors.
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