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Salt & Sand LLC
Design & Development That Captures Your History and Capitalizes Your Future
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I am a results-driven marketing professional holding certifications in both Search Engine Optimization and Website Accessibility. As a WIX partner for my fourth consecutive year, I've earned 3 out of 5 WIX Milestone Badges, showcasing my proficiency in leveraging the platform for cutting-edge website development. With a proven track record of designing more than 20+ diverse websites, acquiring more than 35+ clients, and serving as the CEO of Salt & Sand LLC, I've cultivated a network of skilled partners and subcontractors capable of executing diverse marketing endeavors. From small business startups to multi-million dollar corporations and nonprofits, I've demonstrated versatility in delivering impactful solutions. Currently completing my senior year at North Greenville University, I anticipate graduating in December 2024 with a bachelor's degree in marketing, further solidifying my credibility and expertise in the field....

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