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Ecwid App is provided by Ecwid Inc. company

The mission of Ecwid is to make the web both convenient and effective business environment, for us, our clients and the clients of our clients.

Ecwid is an affordable and full-featured cloud-based store-building widget, compatible with any existing web, mobile or social site and payment system. A free plan is available. The Ecwid Facebook app is the leading shopping cart application on Facebook by active users, with more than 40,000 Facebook stores globally. Ecwid has over 500,000 registered merchants in 175 countries, and is available in 45 languages.


Ecwid Facts

  • Sector: E-commerce
  • Release of the first version: September 2009
  • Users: 500 000+ merchants in 175 countries
  • Interface languages: 45
  • The team: 60
  • Social commerce: #1 Facebook ecommerce solution

The core development team of Ecwid has more than a decade of experience in creating e-commerce solutions. With offices located in Ulyanovsk, Russia and San Diego, USA, and customers all over the world, we help our merchants sell wherever their customer wants to shop.


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